Affordable Dental Implants Prices

Affordable Dental Implants Treatment From the UK’s Leading Dental Implant Clinic

Having gained the reputation of being the Centre of Excellence for Dental Implant Treatment in the UK, we take pride in offering the most Affordable dental implants and highly effective treatment options for anyone looking forward to benefiting from Dental implants treatment. With three separate locations in Brighton, Hove and Hailsham, our modern clinics equipped with the latest technological tools in the field of dentistry and managed by our highly qualified, skilled and experienced team of dental experts are dedicated to offering the best in dental implants treatment. And acknowledging our strong commitment to introducing the latest, affordable and highly effective dental implant options in the UK, the Private Dentistry has honored us with the award of the Best New Practice in the year 2009, later followed by another recognition of being the Most Attractive Practice during the year 2010.

Dental Implant Treatment Starting From A Price As Low as £995!

Do you still think that dental implant treatment costs less abroad? Well, a few years ago, it wouldn’t be wrong to think this way but today, things are way more in your favor than they were before. Yes, quality and certainly the best, latest and effective dental implant treatment is now available at a dental clinic known for its excellence in dental implants i.e. the Brighton Implant Clinic. Acknowledging the importance of having the latest dental care solutions available for all at the most affordable rates, our experienced Implantologist, Dr Bruno Silva took the initiative of offering dental implants at a price as low as £995 while others were offering the same treatment from £2,500-£3000.

Today, we see many patients coming from different parts of the UK and even Europe, keen to avail this opportunity of quality dental solutions at affordable rates. And to make things even more convenient for our valued patients, we’ve started offering free transfers from train stations in Brighton and Hove while VIP accommodation packages are offered to patients coming from locations that are far away.

We’re also offering the option of FREE initial consultation as well as cost-free pan-oral radio-graphs to help potential patients get an idea of what they can expect from dental implant treatment at Brighton Implant Clinic.

Utilizing the Latest Technology to Offer Quality Dental Solutions

Each of our fully air-conditioned dental clinics has the latest equipment and tools necessary to effectively perform the procedures, including CT scanners that help ensure that the implants are placed with precision. With an aim to maximize the success of the procedure, we rely on 3-D images developed by a CT scanner to take precise measurements. The advanced procedures are performed in our fully-compliant surgical operating theaters. To ensure patient safety and hygiene, which are our top most priority during all surgical procedures, we have a central sterilization area having Lisa Sterilizers as well as a Dumb Waiter. And acknowledging the importance of hygiene and cleanliness, our dedicated cleaning staff makes sure that the surgical rooms are cleaned and maintained regularly. In addition to having our own Dental Lab that is supervised by experienced dental technicians, training facilities for surgery as well as patient recovery lounge are also available. We believe in having an Eco-friendly environment by maintaining paperless patient databases and using computerized systems.

Dental Expertise Trusted Unquestionably

Our qualified team’s experience and dedication to offering quality dental care at affordable rates has helped us maintain high patient satisfaction rates while building a sense of trust and reliability with every patient undergoing any kind dental procedure at our clinics. When it comes to oral health and treatment solutions as advanced as dental implants, the biggest concern of most patients is certainly the expertise and experience of the dental expert supervising the procedure. In fact, there are many dental clinics where dental implant treatment doesn’t produce 100% satisfactory results simply because of the inexperienced dental experts carrying out the procedure.

While many dentists haven’t placed over 1,000 implants during their career, our lead implantologist, Dr. Bruno Silva has placed more than 5000 implants in the period of 8 years. Since the treatment involves placement of implants into the patient’s jawbone, our team of professional dentists, experienced maxillo facial along with oral surgeons try their level best to give the gentlest treatment to both the soft tissues and bone involved. In order to maintain high success rates , the experienced dental experts also provide follow-up advice along with the development of a pain management plan, depending on individual patient demands.